Integration with 1C:Enterprise

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This manual describes the mechanism for data exchange of the built-in configuration of the 1С:Enterprise program with a site (online store) that works on the JKassa component (CMS Joomla) using a special JKExchange - 1C plug-in.

Installation and configuration of the plug-in JKExchange - 1C

The plugin is installed as a regular JKassa extension - through the JKassa extension control panel.


To access the plug-in settings, after installing it, you can use the link located in the plug-in name of the plug-in list of installed JKassa extensions.


Or through the main Joomla menu: Extensions → Plugins → Type jkexchange → JKExchange - 1C:Enterprise.

From the parameters of the plug-in you will need to copy the address of your site for the settings of the site sharing site in the configuration of 1C.

Sales settings

Go to: NSI and administration → Configure NSI and sections → Sales → Wholesale sales.

Select "Use agreements with customers" and check the "Customer orders" box.


Typical sales conditions agreements

Go to: CRM and marketing → NSI sales → Model agreements with customers.

Create a model agreement for the unloading of prices. The agreement must be valid, with the current period of validity, the relevant type of prices and is available to external users.



Node with the site exchange

Go to: NSI and administration → Integration settings → Data synchronization settings.

Enable sharing with sites.


Create an exchange site with the site. Enter the following in the main site settings: Site address (specified in the settings of the plug-in "JKExchange - 1C:Enterprise"), User name and Password of the Joomla site administrator.


Set up group and category sharin

To have products assigned to the desired category in the store (JKassa component), there are two ways to configure the hierarchy.

1 way

The list of item groups must match the list of component categories.


2 way

One of the groups of the hierarchy of the nomenclature must correspond to the list of component categories.


* Note that in this example, the "Sneakers" group will not be defined as the category of the component.

After this group should be selected in the site sharing settings with the site in the directory table.


To start the exchange, click the Execute Exchanger button.

Processing of products after exchange

After successful export of the nomenclature from the 1C program to the JKassa component, it falls into the temporary section "Warehouse", where it must be processed (if necessary) and published in the store.

To access the warehouse, go to: JKASSA → Tools → Data Exchange → Warehouse. Select warehouse 1C:Enterprise. You will have several tools for processing the products.


  1. Select all products.
  2. Publish selected products.
  3. Delete the selected products.
  4. Edit the product data.
  5. Publish one product.
  6. Remove one product.

To change the product data, click on the product name (4).


After editing, save the changes.

Click the Publish button (2) to publish all selected products or the flag (5) to publish one product.

After the publication, the product(s) will appear in the store in the category corresponding to the warehouse settings.

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