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Starting with version 1.6.0 in the JKassa system, a partner program has been available that allows you to make profits for your partners from selling your products. In this guide, we'll look at its capabilities, how to configure it, monitor and debit the commission from the user's account.

What is the affiliate program and how does it work?

What is the affiliate program?

The affiliate program is the format of an advertising company of an online store or service aimed at increasing the volume of sales. Using a partnership program is one way to expand the market and increase the number of customers.

How does the affiliate program work?

After registration of the user (partner) on the site of the online store, he is assigned a unique identifier (ID), which can not be changed later. Next, the partner receives a link (s) in the user's account (affiliate program) section for posting on his website, blog, e-mail or social page, and so on.

The affiliate link is roughly the following:

Where the parameter aff with the value 123 is the unique identifier of the partner, and the parameter prod with the value 456 is the product identifier . If the product ID is specified, the buyer will be redirected to the product page, otherwise the buyer will be directed to the main page of the store (specified in the component parameters).

When a visitor moves to the online store through a partner link, the system remembers the partner ID for the time specified in the program settings, who provided this link to him. After that, if the visitor who has transferred to the store through the affiliate link, has drawn up and paid for the purchase (successful order), the partner's personal account records remuneration, a percentage of the cost of the issued and paid order or a fixed amount of compensation. The commission partner receives only for paid (successful) orders.

Note. At the moment, the commission scheme of the partner program is designed to pay commission partners only for registered orders in the online store, for clicks the payment is not made.

Upon reaching this limit (the partner's accumulation of the minimum amount for payment) on the partner's account, the system administrator will be sent a message about the availability of commission payments. The partner also receives notifications about changes in the state of his account.

Administrator in a free order transfers to the purse of the partner in the payment system or to his bank account the required amount, and then writes it off from the buyer's account in the store. The number of the purse or account for the transfer of commission is indicated by the partner in a special HTML form.

If the amount of the commission partner has not reached the minimum amount (limit) for payment, it remains on the personal account of the partner until it exceeds the minimum amount for payment.

Configure the affiliate program

To configure the partner program, go to the parameters of the JKassa component and the parameters of the program: Components → JKassa → Configuration → Partner program.


Parameters of the affiliate program

  1. Include program.
    If enabled, the partner program will be activated.
  2. Partner ID.
    Select where the partner ID will be stored and how long it will be saved:
    1. Session – the identifier is stored (on the server side) only the time that the buyer spent on the site.
    2. Cookies – the identifier is stored (on the buyer's computer) the specified time in the field below.
  3. Cookie time.
    If you select to store the identifier in the cookie, enter in this field the number of days to store the partner ID.
  4. Shopping partner.
    If you choose 'Yes', then the partner will be able to buy and make profit through his own affiliate link.
  5. Rates.
    Create rates (conditions) for the partner program. To create a new rate, click the "Add a rate" button.
  6. Output limits.
    Create limits for each currency, upon achievement of which, the partner will be able to receive commission. To create a new limit, click the "Add Limit" button.
  7. Form for withdrawal.
    Choose the form by which the partner will be able to enter bank details (or any other data) for withdrawal of funds (commission). The form must be created in the component section: Tools → HTML-forms.
  8. Banners.
    Create banners for the affiliate program.

    You can use simple HTML code. Instead of the affiliate link, use the {link} tag.


Rate - this is the main part of the affiliate program, depending on their configuration logic of charging fees for partner sales.

After clicking the "Add a bet" button (5), you will be able to access the new conditions parameters for enrollment of the partner reward.


  1. Select a category.
    List of categories of your online store. Allows you to select the categories, products from which will participate in the affiliate program.
  2. Choice of currency.
    List of currencies used in your online store. The partner commission will be credited only for the order in the selected currency.
  3. Order price.
    Enter in this field the required minimum order amount for enrollment of the partner commission. The amount is indicated in the selected currency without the currency symbol. Leave the field blank to remove the restriction.
  4. Revenue from the sale.
    Revenue from the amount of the order (percentage or fixed amount) that the partner will receive if the order was made through a partner and was paid for (successfully completed). It is indicated without a sign of interest and currency.
  5. Percentage/Amount.
    Select a percentage or a fixed amount of sales revenue.
  6. "Assign" button.
    After clicking on this button, the rate of the affiliate program will be formed.
  7. "Cancel" button.
    After clicking on this button the list of parameters will be closed.

To add another bet for the affiliate program, click the "Add a bet" button again. The number of bets is not limited.

After adding bets, the parameters of your affiliate program will look something like this, as shown in the image below.


To delete a bet, click the cross.

Output limits

The withdrawal limits are the second part of the affiliate program, it depends on their settings when the withdrawal of the partner reward is available.

After clicking the "Add Limit" button (6), new parameters for creating the limit will be available to you.


  1. Choice of currency.
    Select the currency for which the limit will be applied.
  2. Limit value.
    Enter the limit value (an integer) in this field.
  3. "Assign" button.
    After clicking on this button, a limit will be generated.
  4. "Cancel" button.
    After clicking on this button the list of parameters will be closed.

After adding the limits, the parameters of your affiliate program will look like this, as shown in the image below.


To delete a limit, click the cross.

Form for output methods

To select the form (7) in the partner program settings, with which the partner can enter his requisites for receiving commissions, you must first create one.

To create a form for output methods, go to the HTML forms section: JKassa → Tools → HTML forms. Click the "New" button on the toolbar and create the required form as a regular order form.

Council. Create payment methods first and link the required form fields to them. The fields of the delivery methods are not considered.


Graphic banner or just part of the code will help to interest the client and awaken his interest in the action, that is, the purchase of goods or services on the website of the online store.

To create a banner, click the "Add a banner" button (8). After that, you will be able to access new parameters for creating a banner.


  1. Header.
    An arbitrary title, which will be shown in the list of banners.
  2. Banner code.
    HTML-code of the banner. Instead of affiliate links, use the tag: {link}.
    Example: <a href="/{link}" title="JKassa">This is a simple link</a>.
  3. "Save" button.
    After clicking on this button the banner will be saved.
  4. "Cancel" button.
    After clicking on this button the list of parameters will be closed.

After adding banners, the parameters of your affiliate program will look something like the image below.


To remove a banner, click the cross icon.

Warning! After changing the parameters of the partner program, save the entire configuration for the component.

Email templates

To inform the administrator and partner that there are some actions in the partner program, there are two types of email messages.

  • Payment of commission (administrator).
    Notification to the store administrator about the possibility of paying commissions in the affiliate program. Dispatched to administrators, upon completion of a successful order, if the partner has enough funds to pay the commission (according to the settings of the partner program).
  • Changes in the account (partner).
    Notification to the partner program participant of changes in his account. Dispatched to the partner, upon completion of the successful order, if his account received commission for this order. Or when you write off the funds from the partner account in connection with their payment.

Email templates are configured in the component section: JKassa → Tools → Email Templates. The table below shows the destinations and templates for the affiliate program messages.

Appointment Template
Payment of commission (administrator) affiliate_admin_text
Changes in the account (partner) affiliate_buyer

For the partner

Consider the partner program on the part of the partner.

Let's say you want to become a partner of an online store running on the JKassa system, which has a partner program set up and configured. The first thing you need to do is register in this online store. Registration can take place through the standard Joomla registration form (the type of menu item: Users → Registration form). Or through the JKassa system - automatic registration at the time of the order (for a new user).

After you successfully registered in the online store, you can access the overview of your affiliate program through a link located on the buyer's account page or through a special menu item (JKASSA → Affiliate Program).


Now you need to get (copy) the affiliate link and place it on your resource.


Please note that the statistics of the affiliate program is not available until at least one purchase is made on your affiliate link.

After the successful order by the user who has passed through your affiliate link, commission will be credited to your account from this order (if the order corresponds to the program conditions - rates). Also you will be sent a message to the e-mail address specified at registration, about charging commissions.


  1. Commission for the order.
    The amount of the partner reward that was credited to your account in the store.
  2. The state of your account.
    Information on your account (for each currency).
  3. Available for output.
    The amount that is available for withdrawal to an external (bank) account or payment system.

Now, on the page of your affiliate account, you will see the statistics for the order made and the status of your account. Your statistics will always show all the successful orders made through your affiliate link.


When your account has enough funds to withdraw (according to the limit settings), the availability information (3) will change.



To be able to receive commissions you need to choose one of the output methods offered by the store administrator. On the statistics page of your affiliate program, go to the "Funds withdrawal" tab and click the "Add" button to add the output method.


After that, you will be able to choose several output methods (which the administrator created). An example of the form is shown in the image below.


After saving the output method, it will be available for viewing (1) in your partner account. You can later change (2) this information.


After the store administrator writes off a certain amount from your account, in connection with its payment, you will receive another message about the changes in your account in the store.


Also, you will be available to view another type of statistics - "Payments".


If banners are added in the parameters of the affiliate program, one more "Banners" tab will be available in the partner's account.


This is how the partner program works on the part of the partner.

For the administrator

Consider the work of the partner program on the part of the administrator.


Log in to the administrative section of your online store and go to the order section of the JKassa component: Components → JKassa → Payments/Orders.

To quickly find an order that was issued by the buyer who switched to the store through the affiliate link, next to the order number is the icon icon with the help of the partner.


When detailed consideration of the order (in the invoice) you will be able to see potential commission partners if the order does not yet have the status "Successful".


Or already saved commissions on the partner account.


Also, this information is available when editing an order on the "Advanced Options" tab.


Note. Before the successful state of the order, you can still change the condition of getting a reward. If the order status is successful, the reward is paid to the partner's personal account.

List of partners

To view the list of partners for which the reward was already credited, go to the JKassa Users section: Components → JKassa → Users (1) → Partners tab (2).


To see the statistics of the partner click on its name (3) or check the box against its name and click on the "Preview" button. In the opened screen, the "Partner" tab will display detailed information about the affiliate program of the partner.




Below is a list of the elements shown on the partner statistics screen.

  1. General affiliate link
  2. Widget - statistics for orders made by affiliate link
  3. Widget is the total amount available to a partner.
  4. Widget is the total amount that has already been paid to the partner.
  5. List of operations performed in favor of the partner (sales through the partner).
  6. The list of payments (write-offs from the account) of the partner.
  7. A form for writing off the amount of compensation from a partner account.
  8. Requisites for withdrawal to the external account of the partner.

Payment of partner commissions

Consider paying affiliate commissions.

In the administrative section of the online store, go to your partner account (see above). If the partner has already indicated the requisites for the withdrawal method (8), transfer the required amount in free order and using the form (7) write it off from the partner's account.

Now the partner, logging into an account partner in the online store, will see a record that his account is written off the amount earned by him commission in the affiliate program of the online store. Also he will be sent a message to the email address specified at the registration, about the changes in his account.


We hope that the basic principles of the partnership program in the JKassa system are clear to you. If you have any difficulties with the configuration or while working with the program, you can always contact the forum or JKassa support.

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