Creating categories in the JKassa component

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This video shows how to create categories for products in the JKassa component.

Create categories

All JKassa products, like Joomla materials, are in pre-created categories. Therefore, before creating a new product, you must create a category where this product will be stored. Each category can contain its subcategories, and its subcategory, etc. Thus, your store can have any category tree structure.

After logging into the administrative section of your Joomla site, go to the categories section of the JKassa component. There are two ways to do this:

  • From the Joomla main menu, select Components → JKASSA → Categories.
  • Or, from the component menu, select Directory → Categories.

To start creating a category, click the "Create" button located on the category management toolbar.

To create a category, you just need to specify a category header and its parent category or indicate that the category does not have a parent. Now you can save the changes by clicking the "Save" button on the toolbar, after which you will stay on the category editing screen, or click the "Save and close" button, after which you will be redirected to the list of categories where you can change already existing categories.

When editing a category, you can also: immediately save the edited category and create a new one by clicking the "Save and Create" button; Create a copy of the category based on the category being edited by clicking the "Save a copy" button; Or cancel editing and exit by clicking the "Close" button.

In addition to the required category elements, additional elements and parameters of the category are available: alias, description, status, access, language, note and image parameters.

After creating the first category, you will be provided with an additional category list in the form of a category tree in which you can also create, modify or delete categories by opening the context menu by right-clicking on the desired category.

Menu item for categories

To create a menu item for a list of all categories, go to the desired menu and click the "Create" button. Enter the menu title and choose the type of the menu item: JKASSA → Categories. Select the category that will be displayed when you open this menu item, the "Select Top Category" option.

Warning! To properly build store URLs, a menu item with a root category must be created.

Save the changes.

Now you have a list of categories in the component, and they are published in the store, now you can start creating products and other store items.

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