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GitHub is a web-based platform for code storage for version control and collaboration on it. The platform allows you and other users to collaborate on projects from anywhere. On GitHub, the code for free templates (themes) for the JKassa component is placed and maintained.

If you use a custom theme for your website (store) or develop JKassa theme themes for your customers, then this article is for you. Also, if you find an error in the code of the topic that you want to fix, this material will also be useful to you.

This quick guide will help you understand how to monitor changes made in new releases of templates (topics) and send the code with an error using GitHub.

Easily track changes

If you only need to check what was changed in the new release (update) of the JKassa theme, you do not need to register and receive your own account on GitHub.

Go to the JKassa repository list page and select the topic you are using or the code you want to track.


Go to the "Commits" tab.


Select the last commit (update) in the list.


Here you can see a description for the changes made and see the changes made in the latest version of the theme or earlier versions.


Send an error message

If you find a bug or flaw in the template code (theme) of the JKassa component - let us know.

  1. Go to the JKassa repository list page.
  2. Select the topic you want to report.
  3. Click the "Issues" tab.
  4. Click the "New issues" button.
  5. Describe in detail the problem or error (use code and images), send a message.

Our developers will consider your offer and will respond to you as soon as possible.

Make your contribution

Step 1. Get your own copy

First, you need to create a copy of the repository for the desired JKassa theme.

  1. Log in with your GitHub account.
  2. Go to the JKassa repository list page.
  3. Select the theme you are using or for which you want to follow.
  4. Switch to the "staging" branch.


Click the "Fork" button and wait for the process to finish.


A copy of the topic will be available as a new repository in your own GitHub account.

Step 2. Access your own repository

My user name is "GeneticsTest", I chose the theme "jkTemplatesProtostar", so my repository is available at github.com/GeneticsTest/jkTemplatesProtostar.

  1. Go to github.com/your-github-username.
  2. Click the "Repositories" tab.
  3. Find the repository "jkTemplatesProtostar" - this is your copy of the selected topic.


To verify that you really are in your copy of the theme code (and not in the original), see the information at the top where it mentions: your-github-username/jkTemplatesProtostar, and below shows the source location of the repository.


Step 3. Edit the files and commit changes to your repository

Now you have access to all the folders and templates (themes) of JKassa that you have selected.


You can edit these files to improve the code, fix bugs, offer new features, etc.

My example will be fictitious, the purpose of this "improvement" is to illustrate the steps listed below.

I go to the folder: css/, because I want to edit the style.css file.


To start editing, click the "Edit" button - the pencil icon.


Make changes to the code that, in your opinion, will improve the theme of the component.


After you are done, scroll down and click the "Commit changes" button.


The update message will confirm that the file you modified has been updated.


Step 4. Send the Pull request to the source repository

At this point, you changed the code in your own copy of the theme. The next step is to make a transfer request, which means sending changes from your copy of the theme to the source repository.

Return to the JKassa repository: github.com/JKassa/jkTemplatesProtostar.

Click the "Compare & pull request" button.


The next screen will display important information for verification.

The main branch should be "staging".

Write a summary of the changes. If your changes are intended to solve an existing problem from the Issues list, enter the message number here. Also, if your changes relate to the issue discussed in the JKassa forum, leave a link to his post or topic.

Click the "Create pull request" button when you are finished.


Step 5. Wait for your contributions to be considered

The JKassa developers will check your code, test it and based on the results, decide whether to merge your improvements into the master branch.

Please note that your request will be public and shown on the "Pull requests" tab.

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