Migrating from JoomlaKassa

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This video shows how to migrate the basic JoomlaKassa component sections in JKassa component.

What will be transferred?

  • Component categories (new categories will be created).
  • Manufacturers (new manufacturers will be created).
  • Products (new products will be created). Assigned attributes and options for the product will not be transferred, since in JKassa their architecture is different. Also, images will be copied to a new folder and thumbnails of images will be created, depending on the settings (see before migration).
  • Attributes (new attributes will be created).
  • Currency (new currencies will be created).
  • Order statuses (new statuses will be created).
  • The component menu (menu items will be moved, not copied).

Before migration

  1. Set the width and height of thumbnails for product images (if you have not already done so). This is done in: JKassa configuration → Shop → Files and images → Thumbnail width and Thumbnail height.
  2. Check the images of the products of the JoomlaKassa component for availability and integrity.


To perform the migration, follow the steps which are listed below.

  1. Go to Components → JKASSA → Tools → Data Exchange → Migration from JoomlaKassa.
  2. Select items for migration.
  3. Click "Start migration".
  4. Wait until the end migration.

After migration

  1. Verify the migration result.
  2. Navigate to the directory → Currency and assign the default currency.
  3. Go to Tools → Extensions and update all extensions JoomlaKassa component.
  4. Go to Tools → Design and set the default template.

Now migration is completed successfully!

Warning! Repeated migration of categories and products will lead to duplication. To re-migration, first delete all existing products and categories JKassa component (move them to the Trash, and then empty the Trash).

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