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This guide shows you how to start selling audio and video files (digital products) in the JKassa system.

Selling audio and video content on the Internet - this can be a profitable business. In addition, over the past time, the sale of legal content has grown significantly. To sell such content, there are many special sites and services (audio-sinks). Such systems control and limit the content that you download and charge a fee on your sales. But if you want to control the entire sales process yourself and not pay intermediaries, you can use the JKassa system and its tools.

So, you have a digital product that you want to sell, it can be any audio file, mp3 file, song, music, audio recording, audio courses, samples, sound files, and so on... You will need two or more instances of this file: one for sale; another for general listening with a digital watermark (demonstration).

A watermark for audio is an encoded or modulated audio track fragment, a separate audio signal designed to restrict access to an audio track or to verify copyrights to acoustic information. How to make a watermark for audio or video files in this guide will not be considered.

Step 1. Setting the component

Before adding content, you need to configure the component parameters a little. To do this, enter the administrative section of your Joomla site, go to Components → JKASSA → Configuration → the Store tab → Files and images.


Here we are interested in the following parameters:

  1. Allowed extensions.
    Extensions (file types) that you can upload (separated by commas). This applies both to demo tracks, and to files that the buyer will be able to download after payment.
  2. Max. size (in MB).
    Maximum size of uploaded files (in megabytes). Enter 0 if you want to allow downloading files of any size. The server on which the site is hosted may have its own limit for the maximum number of downloads.
  3. The path to the files.
    Enter the path to the file folder relative to the root of your site. Do not start or end the path with a slash! By default, this is the folder jkassafiles, which is already created in the root of your Joomla site, but for security reasons, place the directory for files outside of your site. For example, the path to the directory that is one level up is: ../jkassafiles.
  4. The path to the media files.
    The path to the folder with media files (for the product) relative to the root of your site. Do not start or end the path with a slash! This option is valid only when new files are downloaded. These files are public, and you do not need to hide them.
  5. Width and height of the thumbnail.
    Set the width and height of the thumbnail image in pixels or percentages. A thumbnail image is created while the image is loading. This will serve as the cover for your track.

Step 2. Upload the main file

The next step is to download the main file to the directory of your online store. To do this, enter the administrative section of your Joomla site and go to Components → JKASSA → Files.

Create a hierarchy of folders at your discretion (the right mouse button to bring up the context menu). The folders will be created in the directory that you specified in the component settings (see above).


Select the folder in which you will upload the file (s), click the "Add files" button, select the file on your computer and click the "Start Download" button.


Step 3. Plugin JKMedia – Plyr

For the buyer to give the opportunity to listen to or view the demo version of the file you will need a special JKMedia plug-in - Plyr.

The JKMedia plugin - Plyr allows you to connect a simple media player to the JKassa component to output audio or video content on the product page. Easy, supports all modern browsers. HTML video and audio support both formats. Adaptive design - works with any screen size of the browser.

Enter the administrative section of your Joomla site and go to the JKassa extension manager (JKASSA → Tools → Extensions). In the list of available extensions, filter the extensions by plug-ins, select the plug-in JKMedia-Plyr from the list and click the "Install" button.



After installing the plugin, it appears in the list of installed extensions. Click on the plugin icon to go to its settings.


Enable and configure the plugin.

Step 4: Create a Product

Creating a product page for selling audio or video files is almost the same as creating a page for a regular product. Log in to the administrative section of your Joomla site and go to the product list (JKASSA → Catalog → Products). Click the "New" button and set all the required parameters for the product.

Go to the "Details" tab and add the attached files to the product, which the buyer can download after a successful order.


Go to the "Media" tab, add the cover art and demo audio or video files just like you added the main files.


Save the changes for the entire product.

Go to the external interface of the store and check the page of the newly created product.


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