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Send SMS notifications about various events in your online store, inform your customers when their order will be created, changed or processed.

To use the ability to send notifications via SMS, JKassa provides special plug-ins - JKSMS.

JKSMS (JKassa: SMS notifications) are plugins that allow you to integrate third-party services into the JKassa system, which, in turn, send SMS notifications to your customers about: changes in the order status; receiving a discount coupon; product availability notifications.

JKassa currently has three plug-ins for connecting the following services.

JKSMS – SMS Ukraine


The plugin allows you to connect a service - SMS Ukraine to the JKassa component to send SMS messages to any mobile operators in Ukraine and global GSM operators.

SMS Ukraine is a leading company in the Ukrainian market of SMS services for corporate and private customers. The company is engaged in the development of telecommunication solutions for business, which allow to reach new heights of business in a short time and at low cost, ahead of its competitors.




The plugin allows you to connect the SMS distribution service to all operators from letter senders - SMS.RU. to the JKassa component.

SMS.RU - is the only SMS distribution service in Russia that takes payment only for delivered messages. You can send messages with a calm mind: even if half of your recipients have a phone number that has been changed, blocked, or offline for more than 12 hours, you will not pay for delivery to them.


JKSMS – ByteHand


The plugin allows you to connect to the JKassa component SMS-distribution service - ByteHand.

Сервис ByteHand service is a hardware-software complex that provides mass SMS messages and successfully solves other mobile marketing tasks. Using the service, it is possible to inform your customers quickly and efficiently for any reason.



To use the plugins, you need to register on the SMS distribution service website.

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