Updating and installing JKassa extensions

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This video shows how to upgrade the existing extensions JKassa to the latest version and install the new additional extensions.

Updating extensions

When there will updates available JKassa, Joomla extension manager will tell you about it. But you will not be able to upgrade their standard method. In JKassa component embedded its own extensions manager, by means of which you can update and add new extensions JKassa.

To manage extensions JKassa go to the component extensions. This can be done at any time, using the Joomla main menu (Components → JKASSA → Extensions).

  • Extensions are available for the upgrade are marked with black color and download icon.
  • Icons extensions that do not need updating are shown in gray color.
  • Also, extensions that you need to update, you can see in the accessible list extensions.

If you try to update the extension, you will see an authorization error message, follow these steps...

  1. Go to the component's settings.
  2. On the "Subscribe" tab.
  3. Provide login and password subscriber JKassa.
  4. The "Server extensions" leave unchanged.
  5. Save the settings.

Now you can update all the extensions that are in need.

Additional features

  • By clicking on a plug-in icon, you can go to its settings;
  • By clicking on the wrench icon, you can edit the template;
  • By clicking on the plus icon, you can create are new module.
  • By clicking on the icon already installed extension, you can reinstall it.

Installing a new extension

To install a new extension, select it from the list of available extensions, and then click install button. After installing the extension, you can quickly jump to edit it.

Now all extensions JKassa have the latest version!

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