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Sep 2022
v. 4.0.0.beta9
The main component JKassa 4 platform, which responsible for the organization the contents of an online store.

JKassa 4 component

The main component JKassa 4 platform, which responsible for the organization the contents of an online store. For example, categories; products; files; forms; currency; manufacturers, etc. Also, performed in the component management: orders; buyers; messaging; discounts; stocks and much more.



The component works in conjunction with other JKassa extensions, for example, such as a library, modules, plug-ins and files. Also, component JKassa, with the help of plug-ins, can be integrated with other components of Joomla and external, third-party systems and services.

Control Panel

Control Panel

  • cPanel
    Displays general store status information.
  • Products
    Management of products (goods) in the store.
  • Categories
    Manage product categories in the store.
  • Manufacturers
    Management of product manufacturers.
  • Attributes
    Attribute management for products.
  • Variants
    Manage properties variants for products.
  • Discounts / Promotions
    Manage discounts and promotions in the store.
  • Files
    On this screen you can add and manage digital products and attachments.
  • Currencies
    Manage currencies in the store.
  • Taxes
    Tax management for products and ordering.
  • Payments / Orders
    Order management in the store.
  • Order statuses
    Manage custom order status.
  • HTML Forms
    Manage HTML forms in the store.
  • Mailing queue
    View and send email messages in the queue.
  • Design
    Manage themes for JKassa extensions.
  • Extensions
    On this screen you can install or upgrade JKassa extensions.
  • Database
    Manage component database tables and other tools.
  • Data exchange
    Export, import and integration with third-party systems.
  • Users
    Manage customers and other users of the store.
  • Reviews
    Manage feedback, responses and complaints.
  • Analytics
    Statistics and analytics of your store.
  • Configuration
    Parameters for component elements.

Front end

  • Account buyer
    Displays personal account of the buyer.
  • Buyer orders
    Displays a list of the buyer orders.
  • Featured products
    Displays Favorited products from one or more categories.
  • Categories
    It displays a list of all categories of products or a list of categories of the parent category.
  • Shopping Cart
    Displays a list of products in the shopping cart.
  • Affiliate program
    Displays the affiliate program statistics page.
  • Search Products
    Displays a page search for products by store.
  • Product
    Displays the selected product page.
  • Products (Category)
    Displays a list of products in the selected category.
  • Manufacturers
    Displays a list of all product manufacturers.
  • Manufacturer
    Displays the page of the chosen manufacturer.
  • Viewed products
    Displays a list of recently viewed products buyer.
  • Result of the order
    Displays the page result last order (if the session time has not elapsed).
  • Buyers reviews
    Displays a list of all buyers reviews about products in the JKassa store.
  • Discount / Share
    Displays page discount or share.
  • Discounts / Shares
    Displays list of discounts and / or shares.
  • Wish List
    Displays products added to the list of desires of the buyer.
  • Compare products
    Displays a list of the products added to the comparison.
  • Order Page
    Displays the order page with a form of payment.
Version Date List of changes
1.0.0 xx.xx.2022
  1. Stable version release.

CMS Joomla!

The JKassa system is built and operates on the basis of the most popular CMS Joomla!

Secure payments

Protection against forgery of the information at the time of the online transaction.

Integration and personalize

Integration with third-party systems and templates for component on the Liquid language.


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