What is the JKassa?

How does JKassa work and what is included in the system?

JKassa - it's e-commerce system (script, engine) to create an online store based on CMS Joomla! The system includes - the main component JKassa and additional extensions to it.


Content management system - information system used for the management and organization of the joint process of creating, editing and managing content.

CMS Joomla!

CMS written in PHP and JavaScript languages and uses a MySQL database, and others. It is free software distributed under the GNU GPL.

Extensions Joomla!

Special web-applications, allowing to expand the functionality of the CMS Joomla! There are five types of extensions for Joomla: components, modules, plugins, templates and languages.

JKassa – Component

The bulk of the online store is responsible for the organization: the categories of products, files, forms, currencies, menus, etc. Also, the component is carried out order management, buyers, reports...

JKassa – Modules

Additional extensions that allow the buyer to receive quick access to some elements of the store, such as a list of categories, shopping cart, product filter, new products...

JKassa – Plugins

Additional extensions to extend the functionality of the main component. They help integrate third-party web systems still as comments, payment system...

CMS Joomla!

The JKassa system is built and operates on the basis of the most popular CMS Joomla!

Secure payments

Protection against forgery of the information at the time of the online transaction.

Integration and personalize

Integration with third-party systems and templates for component on the Liquid language.


Updates, news, notifications...

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