CMS Joomla and the JKassa component together create a powerful platform (engine) for creating a modern online store. The platform contains everything you need to start selling online. Just add the products and you are ready to start accepting orders.

Administrative panel

All important information is available when you enter the administrative section of the store. Brief statistics of viewing products and categories, new orders, new customers, sales analytics and other widgets.

Convenient navigation inside the JKassa component and the entire administrative part of Joomla.

Product management

Create categories and subcategories with unlimited nesting and add products to them. Create manufacturers and designate them for products.

You sell 1 or 1 000 000 products - it does not matter, JKassa will easily cope with this.

Attributes and variants

Create attribute lists and variants properties for the product. Add them for each product individually.

Use the variants generator to quickly add them to the product.

Discounts and shares

In JKassa there are four types of discounts and two types of shares, which the administrator can include and configure in the administrative section of the store: Simple discount; Accumulative discount; Discount from the order amount; Discount on coupons; Action - This product as a gift; Action - Together cheaper.

Currency and taxes

You can create any number of currencies with a predefined exchange rate manually or use one of the special plug-ins that will automatically monitor the world exchange rate.

In JKassa there are two types of taxes: value added tax - assigned for each product separately, and a tax on the total amount of the order.

Forms and locations

The order form can be created as one for the whole store, and for each product individually. Also, a quick order form can be created. In any form, you can add any number of fields, delivery methods and payment variants.

Create or import locations (countries, regions, cities) to then paste them into the form. Any field of delivery or payment can be tied to a specific location and vice versa.

Payments / Orders

View and modify buyers orders, create new ones and delete old ones. Filter orders: by order number, by name and email of the buyer, by the identifiers: the order, the product and the user.

Create any order statuses, except for those installed in the component by default.

Templates (layouts)

Install new component templates, update existing templates, select the default template and proceed to edit it.

Manage extensions

Keep your extension is always up to date, the first to know about updates and new products. Install and update the JKassa extensions in one click.

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