This shows which Joomla systems, services, and extensions the JKassa component and its additional extensions can integrate to get more functionality and capabilities.


The system accepting payments Interkassa represents a universal hardware-software system, by means of which dealing with processing of operations from major Internet payment systems. Interkassa - an easy-to-use service, which will connect to the online shopping websites and other trading platforms to take all possible forms of payment in maximum short terms.


LiqPay is web-interface of PrivatBank with which the card holders of VISA / MasterCard from around the world can pay for goods / services on your site, as well as send money from card to card.


PayPal — the operator of electronic cash. Allows customers to pay bills and purchase, send and receive remittances.


Internet acquiring from PrivatBank is a service from PrivatBank that allows you to accept payments via Visa and MasterCard on your website. Now the merchants of online banking Privat24 can accept payments from their customers in automatic mode.

Using the plug-in "JKCurrencies - PubInfo" your store will be able to receive information about cash exchange rates from the NBU or PrivatBank for Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) online. In three main currencies: Ruble (RUB), Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR).


Robokassa - is a service which helps Clients (Merchants/online stores, service providers) receive payments from Users (buyers) made through: bank cards, in any electronic currency; services mobile commerce (MTS, Megafon, Beeline); systems online banking of leading Banks in Russia; ATMs or payment terminals; apps for iPhone and Android.


WebMoney Transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities, established in 1998. Since then, over 28 million people from all over the world have joined the system. Web Merchant Interface is suitable for stores accepting payments and/or using automated order accounting (including with the delivery of digital goods).


Yandex.Money - a user-friendly online service for payment. It provides a set of application programming interfaces and ready-made solutions for the reception of all online payments - for both individuals and for online stores, charities and other organizations.

Yandeks.Kassa - a payment service number 1 in Russia, electronic payments on your website. Accepting payments most popular ways: credit cards, electronic money, and not only. Online statistics and credited to your account.

Block "Share" helps your website visitors to quickly post links to interesting their pages on social networks and blogs. You do not have to collect together the codes of different widgets and unify their design.

'Hutki Grosh'™

'Hutki Grosh'™ is a multifunctional service for connecting to the ERIP (AIS 'Settlement System') for calculating and accepting payments for goods and services throughout Belarus. 'Hutki Grosh' ™ is one of the largest aggregators of payment for AIS 'Calculation' (ERIP).


HyperComments - ideal commenting system for your website, which allows you to comment on the word or piece of text in real-time and share the comment with your friends on social networks. Comments, discussions, debates in real time!


With VKontakte widget you can in 5 minutes to add to you site the opportunity to comment on products and other store materials. Users will be able to comment on your content without additional registration.


JComments component allows to website visitors to leave comments to any published materials and products, posted on the website and in the shop. It provides the flexible system of access rights settings, wide possibilities of custom view setting, uses the AJAX technology and provides many other features.


Komento – is an advanced Joomla component comments, which allows your site visitors to comment on articles, blogs, and product pages. Komento was one of the winners of the Community Choice Extensions in the JED in December 2012 because of its powerful and useful features.


Make it easier than ever for your audience to spread your content around the web. Connect directly to 200+ social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and more. Connect the AddThis system.


The integration plug-in with the program "1C:Enterprise" is intended for publication of the commodity nomenclature in the JKassa component (downloading goods to the online store) and transfer of orders from the store to 1C for processing.

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