1. 1. A partner (participant in the partner program) of the JKassa system can be any of its users, regardless of its subscription plan.

1. 2. In order to become a partner, it is necessary to get any of the subscription plans (including free) on the page of the JKassa store located on the Internet at, and agree with these rules of the partner program when completing the form with details for payment of commissions.

1. 3. After registration of the subscription, the partner receives a unique identifier, which he can use to form partner links. The affiliate link is roughly the following: Where the parameter aff with the value 123 is the unique identifier of the partner, and the parameter prod with the value 456 is the product identifier (not necessary).



2. 1. The partner, using affiliate links, attracts potential customers to the site of the JKassa system (

2. 2. A potential client becomes an attracted client of the partner, if he has switched on the affiliate link.

2. 3. The partner receives a fee in the form of a percentage of the cost of the order, if the order of the attracted customer was successfully conducted and paid for.

2. 4. Partner compensation can be inferred in the following ways:

  • Transfer to the PrivatBank card - a transfer to the PrivatBank card will be made in the selected currency;
  • In Ukraine (payment by requisites) - unconditional payment (individual);
  • To the Visa / MasterCard of any bank in the world - money transfer to a plastic card Visa or MasterCard, any bank in the world.

2. 5. The partner fee will be paid within 7 days after reaching the established limit for payment. Commission of the bank or payment system is deducted from the payment amount, in accordance with the chosen method of withdrawal.



3. 1. The partner of the JKassa system receives 5% (five percent) of the cost of the successfully conducted order.

3. 2. If the discount for certain products is applied to the buyer, the interest rate is charged at a discounted price.

3. 3. Affiliate compensation is accrued and paid for each currency separately, depending on the currency chosen by the customer at the time of the order.

3. 4. The limits for the withdrawal of remuneration are as follows:

  • $10 (USD - U.S. dollar);
  • €10 (EUR - Euro);
  • 300 hrn. (UAH - Ukrainian hryvnia);
  • 700 rub. (RUB - Russian rubles).

3. 5. The withdrawal amount can be converted into another currency at the current rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, at the time of payment, depending on the selected withdrawal method (paragraph 2. 4).



4. 1. The partners understand and agree that the administration of the JKassa system and the site under no circumstances shall be liable to them in the event of intentional or unintentional violation of these rules by them.

4. 2. Partners understand and agree that the administration of the JKassa system and the site unilaterally has the right to change these rules, including, but not limited to, the amount and terms of calculating partner remuneration and withdrawal limits.

4. 3. The partners understand and agree that the administration of the JKassa system and the site can unilaterally terminate the relationship with any of the partners, including without explaining the reasons.

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