Bootstrap 4 - free theme for JKassa

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The GeneticsPro project announces the release of a free theme (template) "jkTemplates - Bootstrap 4" for JKassa extensions.

The theme is intended for downloading dynamic content of JKassa extensions (component, modules, plug-ins) in the external interface of the store (site on Joomla and JKassa).

The theme is compatible with Joomla templates that use the HTML, CSS and JS framework "Bootstrap 4" – the development environment of modern Internet projects.

JKassa themes are built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a special language of templates with open source code - Liquid, which makes it easy to combine the design of JKassa extensions with the design of the main site template.

After installing the theme, it should be selected as the default theme in the administrative interface of JKassa, under the "Design" section.

The theme code is available on GitHub to track changes in new versions.

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