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The GeneticsPro project announces the release of updates for the JKassa 1.3.0 component and its additional extensions. The new version adds "System customer reviews" for the product. Also, the new version contains important fixes and changes.

Advantages of reviews

When potential customers search for you on the Internet, they will find out about you through the content of your website (store). Many of them may be skeptical of your store and do not dare to trust you right away. To prove the value of what you can offer them, why not let your customers leave feedback and communicate among themselves?

The product page with reviews serves as a platform to show how other customers have benefited from your product or service, it serves as a powerful tool for establishing trust and stimulating potential buyers for action.

In addition, user reviews are an additional unique content covering the functions of the product, its merits and demerits. This allows you to improve the ranking of products and their ranking in search results, and to increase the growth of transitions for low-frequency queries.


Earlier in JKassa there was an opportunity to include a comment block on the product page and display the product rating using special plug-ins "JKComments" and "JKVotes", but they are not related to each other. Also, for the use of comments, the installation of third-party Joomla extensions or registration in some systems was required.
In version 1.3.0, a "System customer reviews" is added, which is built into the JKassa component itself. The system consists of two sections: Frontend and Backend.



In the external interface, users (buyers) can view a list of reviews and a form for adding a new review. Also, the user can interact with each review: reply to a review, raise or lower the rating of a review, complain about a review. Each user is checked for uniqueness by email address and, if enabled, by IP address. For each product, the user can publish only one review. Post responses to reviews, the user can have no limited number. To increase or decrease the rating of the review, the user can only once for each review (the rating does not cover the answers). Send a complaint about the review, until it was deleted, the user can only once for each response and response.



The internal interface is in the administrative part of the JKassa component and is available at: Components → JKASSA → Reviews. An administrator or a store manager can: view reviews and responses, edit, publish and delete them. It is also possible to respond to feedback directly from the internal interface of the component.

Email message


When performing certain actions with reviews, the administrator and the user will receive messages to the e-mail with the results of these actions.

  • The buyer can see the text of the feedback in the email, a link to the product page with a response and a link to the reply from the messages for this product.
  • The administrator can access the review text, a link to the product page, a link for publication (if moderation is installed), and a link to delete the review.


By default, reviews are not included. To enable and configure reviews, go to the configuration of the JKassa component: Components → JKASSA → Configuration → the Reviews tab.


  1. Include reviews. Allows you to enable or disable feedback for products.
  2. Access to views. Allows you to choose who can view reviews. Possible values: All, Registered.
  3. Access to form. Allows you to choose who can leave feedback. Possible values: All, Registered.
  4. Moderation. If this option is enabled, a new review or response will have the publication status as unpublished. The administrator will need to publish it via links from the email or in the feedback control panel.
  5. Rating reviews. Allows you to choose who can change the rating of reviews. Possible values: All, Registered.
  6. Complaint Review. Allows you to choose who can send a complaint about the review. Possible values: All, Registered.
  7. Verification by IP. If this option is enabled, the uniqueness of the user by the IP address will be checked, in addition to checking by email address.
  8. Order by reviews. Allows you to select the order in which feedback is displayed. Possible values are: Date (ascending), Date (descending).
  9. Number of reviews. The number of reviews that will be displayed on the default page.

After setting up the comments, save the configuration changes.

Email templates

As mentioned above, the user and the administrator will receive email messages about the actions with reviews. But, for these messages to arrive they should be configured in the email templates control panel: Components → JKASSA → Tools → Email templates.


  1. Create a new email template.
  2. Enter an arbitrary template name.
  3. Select the template assignment.
  4. Select the email template file.
  5. Save the changes.

By default, five assignments and five templates are provided for each JKassa component template. Below is a table that describes the purposes and templates for reviews.

Assignment Template file Description
New review (administrator) review_admin_text Notify the store administrator about adding a new review for the product.
New review (for buyer) review_buyer Notify the buyer about adding a new review for the product.
Reply to the review (administrator) review_reply_admin_text Notify the store administrator about adding a new review to a review for the product.
Response to review (buyer) review_reply_buyer Notify the buyer about the addition of a new review to the feedback for the product.
Report for review (administrator) review_report_admin_text Notify the store administrator that a complaint has been sent for the product.

Now everything is included and configured, you can begin to accept reviews, thereby expanding the audience of potential buyers and improving the performance of your store in the search engines.

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