Delivery plugins

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Starting with the JKassa 2.0.2 component version, integration with delivery plugins is available. Delivery plugins allow you to connect a third-party delivery system (service) to the JKassa component.

Earlier in JKassa it was possible to create delivery methods only at a fixed cost, which could not change depending on the delivery destination. Now, using the delivery plug-ins, the buyer can choose the proposed delivery point, after which the delivery cost will be changed in accordance with the terms of the delivery service company.

For details on delivery plugins, see the JKassa documentation.

The following delivery plugins are currently available

JKDelsystem - NovaPoshta

JKDelsystem - Nova Poshta
The plugin allows you to connect the delivery system - "Nova Poshta" to the component JKassa.

JKDelsystem - CDEK

JKDelsystem – CDEC
The plugin allows you to connect the delivery system - "CDEC" to the JKassa component.

In the future, we plan to add delivery plug-ins for other systems in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

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