Genetics.Framework v. 8.0

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In connection with the preparation for the transition to versions of Joomla 3.10, Joomla 4 and PHP 8, the Genetics.Framework library and JKassa extensions interacting with this library were updated.

Attention! Please read before upgrading.
Updating in the standard way (via the JKassa extensions screen) will result in an error!
But even if this happened, then follow the steps described below.

Как обновить?

  1. Make a backup copy of your site (optional).
  2. Download the installation package with the main JKassa extensions.
  3. Install the package as a regular Joomla extension (Extensions → Extension Manager → Install).
  4. After successfully installing the package, navigate to the JKassa extension screen (JKASSA → Tools → Extensions).
  5. Update all other JKassa extensions (now via the JKassa extensions screen) according to this tutorial.
  6. Clear the site cache (System → Clear cache).

This completes the JKassa update.

What is updated?

Below is a list of JKassa extensions that have been updated.

Extension Type Version
JKassa component 3.0.0
Genetics.Framework library 8.0
System - gsWork plugin 3.0
JKassa.Cart module 2.0
JKassa.Categories module 3.0
JKassa.Compare module 2.0
JKassa.Currencies module 2.0
JKassa.Filter module 6.0
JKassa.Latest module 3.0
JKassa.Manufacturers module 3.0
JKassa.Reviews module 2.0
JKassa.Search module 3.0
JKassa.User module 2.0
JKassa.Viewed module 3.0
JKassa.Wishlist module 3.0
JKDelsystem - NovaPoshta plugin 2.1
JKDelsystem - CDEK plugin 3.1
JKMedia - Highslide plugin 3.0
JKPaysystem - Robokassa plugin 4.0
JKSMS - ByteHand plugin 2.0
JKSMS - SMSRU plugin 2.0
JKSMS - SMSUkraine plugin 2.0

For details on the changes in versions, see the list of JKassa extensions.

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