JKassa 2.2.0

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Project GeneticsPro announces the release of updates for the component JKassa v. 2.2.0 and its additional extensions. New versions contain important fixes and changes, they also include several new features and capabilities.

Below are just some of the new features implemented during the release of JKassa 2.1.1 - 2.2.0. For a complete list of changes and fixes, see the extension page on the "Change Log" tab.

  1. Added page (menu item) - a list of all feedback from customers about products in the JKassa store.
  2. When creating an order from the administrative section, "Simple discount" for the product will be considered.
  3. When creating an order from the administrative section, a new customer will be registered depending on the parameters set.
  4. For the menu item "Favorite Products" the parameter "Filter by manufacturers" was added (the parameter allows you to select manufacturers by which products will be filtered).
  5. Added the ability to connect structured data - a format that allows Google to more accurately analyze the content of sites and add special features to the search results. To enable structured data, go to JKassa → Integration configuration.
  6. Now you can select products with the desired options when creating / editing an order (backend).
  7. Now, when creating / editing an order, the Cumulative Discount and Discount on the Order Amount (backend) will be considered.
  8. Now discounts on coupons will be assigned to certain products (products from a certain category), and not to the entire order.
  9. Added column "Quantity of use" to the table of properties of product variants (backend). Allows you to see how many times the option has been used in products. When you click on the amount of use, it redirects to the screen a list of products sorted by this option property.
  10. Now, when deleting the product variant property, product variants that contain this property (backend) will also be deleted.
  11. Added column "Number of products" in the list of manufacturers (backend). Allows you to see how many products from this manufacturer. When clicking on the number of products, it redirects to the list of products sorted by manufacturer.
  12. Added options for the menu item "Search Products".

Also, some additional JKassa extensions have been updated. A list of all updates can be found on the support forum in the "Official messages and news of JKassa" section. Subscribe to this section to receive important news about new releases, updates, etc. by email.

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