JKassa 2.2.1 Release

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JKassa 2.2.1 is now available. This release contains important fixes and improvements, as well as several new features and capabilities.

What's new in JKassa 2.2.1?

JKassa 2.2.1 includes four fixes and two improvements, including:

  1. Correction of products in the table of manufacturers list (backend - manufacturers).
  2. Changed the counting type "Number of uses" in the table of properties of product variants from "Number of uses (times) in products" to "Number of products that use this option property" (backend - variants).
  3. Fixes for filter by version (backend - extensions).
  4. Corrections for the menu item "Search products" (requires reconfiguration of the parameter "Search mode").
  5. Now when searching for products, product keywords will be considered.
  6. Compatibility module JKassa.Search v. 2.1.

Additional extensions JKassa

Some additional JKassa extensions have also been updated, and are listed below:

For information about changes in versions, see the extension page in the "Change Log" tab.

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