JKassa 2.3.0 release

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JKassa 2.3.0 is now available. This release contains important fixes and improvements, as well as a number of new features and capabilities.

What's new in JKassa 2.3.0?

The new version of JKassa 2.3.0 component adds support for JKExchange plugins that allow you to export/import product data to third-party systems, such as: 1C, Google Merchant, Yandex Market and others.

In addition, JKassa 2.3.0 includes three fixes and two improvements, including:

  1. Added the ability to include an additional description when sending messages from the queue.
  2. Fixed saving coupon codes for multilingual sites.
  3. Removing an unnecessary request in the feed (feed) for selected products, a list of manufacturers, a list of discounts and promotions.
  4. Correction of adding discounts when creating an order from the administrative section of the component.
  5. The built-in export of the YML file has been removed, now for export in this format you need to publish a special plugin "JKExchange - Yandex Market".

Updating Additional Extensions

Some additional JKassa extensions have also been updated, they are listed below:

For information about changes in versions, see the extension page, in the "Change log" tab.

New JKassa Extensions

JKExchange - 1С:Enterprise v. 1.0 (plugin)


The integration plug-in with the 1C: Enterprise program is designed to publish the product nomenclature to the JKassa component (upload goods to the online store) and transfer orders from the store to 1C for processing.

About the plugin | Documentation

JKExchange - Google Merchant v. 1.0 (plugin)

Google Merchant

A plugin for writing JKassa component product data to an XML file (RSS 2.0) for Google Merchant feeds.

About the plugin | Documentation

JKExchange - Yandex Market v. 1.0 (plugin)

Yandex Market

A plug-in for recording product data of the JKassa component in a YML file for their subsequent upload to the Yandex Market service.

About the plugin | Documentation

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