Residue control and product reservation

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In previous versions of JKassa, the store administrator needed to change the quantity for each product individually or to remove it from the availability after each order. In the version of the JKassa 1.2.1 component, we added two new functions: "Remnant Control" and "Product Backup".

Control of residues

Now if the product is not available or there is not a certain amount, the buyer will not be able to buy it. For example, if the product is available, there are 10 pieces, and the buyer wants to order 15 pieces, then the system simply will not let him specify the amount more than allowed.


Or if the buyer has already added 15 pieces to the basket, and at the time of ordering the product there are 10 pieces left, then after clicking the "Pay" button and checking the order by the system, the buyer will receive an appropriate warning.


This also applies to store administrators, when they create a new order or change an existing one, the administrator cannot create an order with the quantity of the product exceeding the limit of availability.


Product Reservation

Now when the customer orders products or processes an order, the store administrator automatically calculates the reserved quantity of products. By default, this feature is disabled. To enable it, go to the JKassa configuration, the "Cart | Order" tab and enable the "Remnant control" option.


If the "Balance control" option is enabled, each product will be checked for availability and balance when ordering. After passing the verification, the quantity of each product to be issued will be reserved and the quantity of the product to be made will be taken from the available quantity of the product. If the order is successfully executed and when it is canceled, the reserved quantity of the product will be written off, with only one difference, if the order is not successful, the reserved quantity of the product will be returned to the available quantity.

The table below shows the process of controlling balances when order status changes.

  • pending - new order
  • success - successful order
  • fail - failed order
  • stock - availability of products
  • reserved - reserved products
  • quantity - the number of products purchased
Old status New status Process
--- pending stock - quantity
reserved + quantity
--- success stock - quantity
--- fail ---
pending pending --- *
pending success reserved - quantity
pending fail stock + quantity
reserved - quantity
success pending reserved + quantity
success success --- *
success fail stock + quantity
fail pending stock - quantity
reserved + quantity
fail success stock - quantity
fail fail ---

* The balance is controlled independently.

To monitor balances and reserved products in the product settings, a new "Reserved amount" field appeared on the "Details" tab. The value in this field is created automatically and can be changed later. Do not change this value unless it is required!


Also, to quickly view the reserved products, a pentagram with a number appeared in the product list. To go to the orders that contain this product, just click on this icon.


We hope you simplify the work with the orders of our updates and additions. Comments and suggestions on this topic, please leave in the comments below or on the Subscriber Support Forum.

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