RF User Support Limitation

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JKassa support announces limited support for users from the Russian Federation and some additional JKassa extensions.

On February 24, 2022, the forces of the Russian Federation attacked the independent state of Ukraine, and this is more than politics, this is a war that takes the lives of innocent people in our country.

Many Russian users do not support the war with Ukraine, but it is you who support your leadership (actively or passively) that threatens not only Ukraine, but the whole world.

Restrictions apply to users whose websites (online stores) are located on Russian domains. Also users who indicated a Russian email address during registration.

Nothing will change for other users. There may be delays with support.

Glory to Ukraine!

List of blocked extensions:

  • JKComments - VKontakte
  • JKSocial - Ya.share
  • JKCurrencies - CBRDaily
  • JKPaysystem - Robokassa
  • JKPaysystem - WebMoney
  • JKExchange - 1C
  • JKPaysystem - HutkiGrosh
  • JKSMS - ByteHand
  • JKDelsystem - CDEK
  • JKExchange - Yandex Market
  • JKPaysystem - YooKassa
  • JKPaysystem - YooMoney

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