jkTemplates - JF Simone is the theme (template) for JKassa extensions, specially designed for the design of the free template on Gantry 5 - JF Simone. The theme is also compatible with any Joomla templates that use Bootstrap 3.
  • Adaptive design: Yes
  • Template settings: Yes
  • Joomla template: No

General description

Theme (template) jkTemplates - JF Simone is a collection of files that control the layout and appearance of JKassa extensions. Its structure and design inherit the styles of the basic free template for Joomla - JF Simone.

JF Simone template and JF Simone theme is the best choice for creating an online store based on CMS Joomla!

Demonstration Download JF Simone template


JF Simone Template

The JF Simone template is based on the powerful Gantry 5 infrastructure with dozens of ready-made layouts. There are many unique functions in the template, a beautiful section of the right panel position, the section "Unique news feed", where the "Shopping Cart" module is used. The template has a unique logon mockup that supports the Joomla and Kunena login modules.

Learn more about the features of the template and download the latest version of it on the developer's website.

The quick start of the template does not include the theme for the JKassa component, it is installed separately in the component's extension manager.


JF Simone Theme

The JF Simone theme (template) contains the code for all pages of the JKassa component and its additional extensions, such as modules and plug-ins.

The theme complements the main template JF Simone and is in harmony with its design and layout.

The theme contains many parameters for quick setup.

The theme is built using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome and integration with jQuery (built into Joomla).

The theme is also compatible with any Joomla templates that use Bootstrap 3.


Conditions of receip

To receive a template (theme) JF Simone can only be a valid JKassa subscriber with any subscription plan.

Here you get only the theme for JKassa extensions, the basic Joomla template you get on the developer's site.

After purchasing the theme, you receive an archive with an extension package ready for installation on your Joomla site. Also, after acquiring a theme, you can install it in the JKassa extension control section, or in the templates section (themes).


Support and updates

Support and updating of the template (themes) JF Simone is carried out according to the subscription plan of the user (see the JKassa subscription plans). You do not need to purchase updates for the template separately, they are available during the subscription period.

Updating the main template JF Simone is carried out according to the terms of the developer.

We do not support customizing the theme beyond its original functionality and appearance. Additional refinement is discussed separately. We also do not customize and refine the basic template JF Simone.

Adaptive design Yes
Does the template support store display on different devices?
Like/Share buttons No
Are there any social media buttons in the template?
Template settings Yes
Are there any parameters in the template that can be changed?
Reviews (comments) Reviews JKassa
System of adding comments (comments).
View product images Built-in
Which tool will display product images?
Related products Yes
Does the template support display of related products?
Compare products Yes
Does the template support the product comparison page?
Filter products Yes
Does the template support the design for the product filter module?
Joomla template No
Is the core Joomla template included in the package?
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